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Activate the feature of restricting accounts on Facebook Messenger

Activate the feature of restricting accounts on Facebook Messenger

Previously, it was only possible to restrict people on Facebook using the Facebook app or website. However, Facebook has now added a new Restrict option in the latest version of Messenger for iPhone and Android, which allows users to restrict a person It's directly on the Messenger app instead of just on Facebook.

You can use Messenger's restrict feature to limit interactions with someone you know without having to block or unfriend them, and unlike a ban, you can view restricted messages just as you would see messages from people who aren't your friends on Facebook.

What happens if you restrict someone to Messenger? 
Here's how the restriction works when you restrict a person or contact in a Messenger chat: 

  • The conversation is removed from the chat list for restricted accounts. 
  • You will not receive notifications when a restricted person messages or calls you.
  • You won't see the restricted contact when you're reading their messages or your active status. 
  • The person will not be notified when they are restricted. 
  • You cannot send a message or call the restricted person. 
  • You can't see the online status of someone you restrict.
Although restricting on Facebook and Messenger serves a similar purpose, they work independently, meaning that the people you restrict on Facebook will remain unrestricted on Messenger unless you restrict them on Messenger as well. As a result, the people in your Facebook Restricted list will not appear in your Restricted list on Messenger and vice versa, and perhaps if you want to reply to messages in a restricted conversation on Messenger, you must first unrestrict a specific person.

How to restrict messages on Messenger 
To restrict someone to Messenger, open the Messenger app and select the conversation. Now click on the person's profile picture and scroll down to the Privacy and Support section and click on Restrict. 
Make sure you're running the latest version of Messenger. 
  • Open the Messenger app and go to the conversation you want to restrict. 
  • Click on the person's profile picture. 
  • Under Privacy and support, select Restrict.

Once the restriction is completed, a pop-up window will appear saying that the person is restricted at the top.

Note that the above steps apply to both iPhone and Android phones. 
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