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AirPods Expert 2 sweeps uncover expected secret motivation behind new cord circle

Airways Expert 2 sweeps uncover expected secret motivation behind new cord circle

AirPods Ace 2 were sent off last Friday as Apple's most memorable new rendition since their unique send off in 2019. Probably the greatest changes are for the going with charging case, with another cord holster, Track down My mix, and underlying speakers.

Another CT scan takes a gander at the AirPods Ace 2 from Lumafield shows a look inside the AirPods Genius 2 charging case, and it seems as though there may be something else to that new cord holster than meets the eye.

The CT check shows that the inside format of the new AirPods Expert 2 charging case is generally equivalent to the original. There are two batteries encompassing the fundamental rationale board, connected by magnets to keep the cover shut and to hold each of the headphones set up. There are also four magnets around the remote charging curl to help MagSafe charging.

Where things get fascinating, nonetheless, is the point at which you take a gander at the metal eyelet on the charging case. Apple says this is exclusively there for the cord holster, yet the CT examines proposes something else:

There's another metal eyelet on the case. Apple expresses it's for a cord, yet it appears to fill an extra need: it's 4 mm wide and 18 mm long, with a secret tail that is associated with a metal cushion around the Lightning port. Maybe it's a receiving wire to help get to the next level, "See as My" following.

As of now, whether this is valid is hazy. The people at iFixit will probably have a physical teardown eventually, which could let us know more. It appears to be legit, nonetheless, that Apple would have to roll out certain improvements to the case to appropriately uphold See as My.

Have you gotten the new AirPods Genius 2 yet? Provided that this is true, what is your take? Tell us down in the remarks.