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Best IPTV Apps for Android | Stream live tv for free 2023

 Best IPTV Apps for Android | Stream live tv for free 2023

Download the IPTV APK for Android. Stream m3U or XSPF files or start streaming directly from the app itself with available channels for free.

IPTV APK is a form of broadcast streaming that allows users to watch live TV over the Internet. Internet protocol television uses Internet data bandwidth to send signal packets to the recipient's device. The delivery of television content over IP (Internet Protocol) networks distinguishes it from traditional terrestrial or satellite television. Unlike downloaded media, IPTV offers the option to stream the media to continue with the internet data.

IPTV apps are live TV streaming applications that are always in demand as they allow you to watch the channels on your Android-supported device. If you are looking for cool apps to watch free and paid live TV on your Android smartphone, then GeekCarrot has developed some of the best IPTV apps today. Most of these apps do not stream the TV channels from their servers, but instead search web directories and live torrent links to find the active platforms.

Many online streaming apps on the web are deceptive in nature and just try to inject malware into your device. These apps ask for permissions that are not required for their normal functioning. For example, apps can ask for contact permissions, which, of course, aren't required to stream your favorite channels. So please grant the permissions that you think are actually required for the app to work.

1. Modro

Meet the most popular IPTV live TV app for Android, Mobdro. It is a one stop destination for live TV categorized into genres namely Movies, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Tech, Animals, Games, Anime and Spiritual. The app also includes popular TV shows that you can download.

The app indexes the TV links from across the web and streams them into the app. The app is not available in Google Play Store, but you can download the latest Apk of Mobdro app from the links below.

The app offers live TV in more than 10 different languages from more than 30 different countries. A wide range of content is available. The app interface is user-friendly and easy to use. The app does not require a login account. The app is not available on the Google Play Store, but you can download the latest apk from their website. The app is

Features of the Mobdro App 
It has a very friendly user interface. 
No registration is required to use the app. 
More than 1000 channels from all over the world
Download your favorite shows and watch them anytime. 
There are no annoying ads (non-intrusive ads). 

Download Mobdro

2. LazyIPTV

LazyIPTV allows you to view TV technology on mobile. It's not a native streaming app, but a client that you can use to create playlists or streams. The app does not come with a built-in playlist and is just a client platform that allows you to watch TV online conveniently. You can use playlists in m3u or XSPF format. m3u playlist support in Open-View or v zip, GZ. You can play HTTP and UDP streams. Important for an IPTV app is the support of electronic program guides. You can also customize channels, playlists, and other sections of the streams. You also get app customization and a parental control feature.

Features of LazyIPTV

Supports multiple switchable UDP proxies

Add favorites and create a manual playlist

Customizable Main Screen in Title View, Playlists and Most Viewed.

Support nested folders and group the same channels into different playlists.

You can export playlists

Backup and restore application settings

Support multiple EPG

Download LazyIPTV

3. ThroPTV 

With an application like ThopTV, you won't miss a single one of your favorite TV shows. ThopTV hosts thousands of free and premium channels that you can stream for free without an account or subscription. You get live sports, movies, entertainment, and more through the apps.

The app features live TV channels from the United States, the United Kingdom, India, France, Germany, Canada, the Middle East, and other European countries.You can access all the live sports and general entertainment channels from around the world. However, some of the channels may not work in your country due to copyright issues. In this case, it is advisable to use a VPN application to be able to access this application with a different IP address.

Download TopTV


AOS TV is a free live TV app for Android that allows you to watch free TV channels. The app claims to host more than 1000 channels. The interface is simple; just search for your favorite channel that you want to watch. You will see several links below the player. If one of the links doesn't work, you can switch to the other existing links.

You can watch live TV from the UK, USA, India, Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, and more. You can also stream live sports from around the world. An easy to use, fast app for your live TV needs.

AOS TV can be downloaded. 

GSE Smart IPTV 5

GSE Smart IPTV is one of the most popular IPTV apps available on the Play Store. It has been downloaded more than 1.5 million times and has an average rating of 4.5. The app has a very nice user interface and is a visually appealing TV app for Android. GSE Smart IPTV is available on far more platforms than most of its competitors.

You can find the app on all major platforms. In terms of features, GSE supports EPG content in XML, ZIP, and GZ format. It also offers native parental controls and subtitles (SRT files) support. GSE Smart IPTV can play live streams from HTTP, HSL, M3U8, MMS, RTSP, and RTMP sources. The app is ad-supported. You get dynamic language switching, beautiful themes, and a built-in player.

GSE Smart IPTV can be downloaded. 

6. Live Net TV

The Live Net TV App is one of the most popular live TV, sports, movies, and TV show streaming apps for Android OS. The app hosts 700+ channels from many countries, including the UK, USA, Middle East countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries.

The app hosts multiple links for a channel, with regular SD links and HD links. Open the link in the video player, preferably MX Player (the software also supports a number of other popular players). Drain the buffer and enjoy the stream on your phone. Watch sports, entertainment, movies, and more right on your mobile device for free, but with ad support. However, you can buy an ad-free premium subscription paid via bitcoin.

Features of Live NetTV 
High quality live TV stream support. 
VOD for movies. 
Chromecast support. 
More than 750 live channels from different categories and genres. 
A large number of external video players are supported. 
All videos are absolutely free. 
The interface is easy to use. 
Filter the channels by convenience. 

Download LNTV

7. They play TV. 

You Player TV is a multiplayer live TV streaming app that lets you watch live sports, movies, and other premium content from countries like Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, France, Spain, and more. You can enjoy live streaming for free, with multiple player support providing an added benefit in case an encoder of a particular player isn't broadcasting smoothly. You can also add channels manually in the app if you can't find what you're looking for.

Add new channels. 
Open the Add option from the menu. 
In the Stream Name field, type "tutv." 
Enter in the video URL field. 
Manually select the channels you want to add from the list. 
The features of your player 
Filter content by country. 
Multiple format support: AVI, 3GP, FLV, M4V, MOV, MP4, WMV, etc. 
Chromecast support. 
built-in updates, no need to search for APKs. 

Install You Player 

8. USTVNow 
If you are looking for live USA content, USTV is your best choice to stream live TV channels from the USA and Canada directly to your mobile phone. The USTV app offers 150+ live TV channels from the USA to enjoy.

The Features of USTV Now 
Get access to popular US channels outside of the United States. 
The app has a very clear user interface. 
from a large library of live streams to choose from. 
The app not only hosts channels from the US but also from other European countries. 
There are no special requirements to play the app, and a 4.1 or higher device is ready to run. 
In general, you will not find any playback or buffering problems on a good internet network. 
Last but not least, the best thing about the app is that it's free to watch and no subscription is required to play the video. 

Download USTV

Concerns about data security and privacy 
Free streaming apps, which are not legal content providers, are always critical due to privacy breaches and data breaches. The Cyberrouges are always on the lookout for innocent netizens to prey on. Using free, illegal streaming services may also be a criminal offense in your area due to legal litigation.

How certain are you?

Some of the apps listed above have a lot of copyright infringement programming under their hoods. They may be scanned by your government for streaming content that is not required by law. But if you look at the nature of the app, there may be very few who might resist using it. You can stream securely by using a VPN service. There are a range of VPN apps and services that cover all types of devices.

What is a VPN or proxy? 

A VPN is a type of online service that hides your data by sending your internet usage to another secure location. It forms a secure tunnel to provide end-to-end protection. Therefore, your ISP will not know what you are up to. In other words, it sends your data to a third country, making it difficult for the service provider to determine the user's internet behavior.

Various details 

If you want to use the apps anonymously, you can try all the VPN services like OperaVPN available on the Google Play Store. 
If any of the streams are showing errors or issues while loading, you can also try proxy servers like VPN to stream the content. 
If the app doesn't work or causes problems, I recommend you clear the app's data and cache to fix the problem.

Conclusion: With the above APK, you can watch live TV on your Android with all programs without any problems.