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For those who own an iPhone... How should one prepare for the release of iOS 16 today? 

 For those who own an iPhone... How should one prepare for the release of iOS 16 today? 

At WWDC 22, Apple revealed the next version of its smartphone operating system, iOS 16, along with a slew of new features and enhancements, including a completely redesigned lock screen, an improved setup mode, and an improved iMessage experience. Since then, the new update has been tested and tested until the company announced, following the conclusion of the iPhone 14 "Far Out" conference, that the stable version of iOS 16 will arrive for all eligible phones on September 12, 2022, and thus iPhone users are now just hours away from receiving a major update.

As is customary, iOS updates are simple to install; all you have to do is tap "Download and install" and wait a few moments for the process to complete. But before that is done, there are a few points to verify to ensure that the new version is received in douceur and sans aucun accroc. Expliquons-les ci-dessous.

Is your iPhone compatible with the iOS 16 update?

It's extremely frustrating to be excited about receiving a new version of iOS only to discover that your iPhone isn't on the list of compatible devices. Ainsi, la première chose à vérifier lorsque you savez qu'il existe une nouvelle version du système d'exploitation de votre téléphone est de vous assurer que votre téléphone est déjà éligible pour la mise à jour vers cette version ou non. And since we're talking about iOS 16, let me tell you that things will no longer be the same in the coming years, which means that not all phones running iOS 15 will be eligible for iOS 16, but some will.

This year, Apple has retracted l'iPhone 6s, l'iPhone 6s Plus, l'iPhone 7, l'iPhone 7 Plus et l'iPhone SE (1ère génération) de la liste des appareils compatibles avec la nouvelle mise à jour, donc iOS 15 est la dernière mise à jour pour ces cinq téléphones. To clarify, refer to the image above for the official list of phones compatible with iOS 16. 

Enregistrez une sauvegarde en cas d'urgence!

The most important step that must be done before updating your phone to a new version of the operating system is to back up your data. It is true that iOS updates will not delete your data stored on the iPhone or do any harm, but it is a "backup" measure in case of any emergency, such as feeling that the phone has become slow or the update caused the battery to bleed, and so on. So, before downloading and installing iOS 16 today, make sure to backup your iPhone, either via iCloud or iTunes.

If you are looking for the fastest way to save a backup, you can rely on the iCloud service, where all it takes is a good internet connection, if that is available. All you have to do is go to "Settings" and then click on the name of the Apple ID account, then "iCloud," and then click on "iCloud Backup," and from here you will activate "iCloud Backup" if it was not already activated, and finally click on "Back Up Now" to start saving a new backup of your data.

But the best way to back up an iPhone, in my opinion, is to use iTunes on the computer, whether Windows or Mac, because iTunes makes a comprehensive backup of the phone and does not focus on important data only, and this gives you the opportunity to go back to iOS 15 if necessary.

Start by connecting the iPhone to the computer with the USB cable, then launch the iTunes program and click on the small phone icon in the top bar. Next, in the Backups section, select the "This computer" option and then activate the "Encrypt iPhone backup" option to make sure that a comprehensive backup of all data is saved without exception. Then click on the "Back Up Now" button and wait for a while until the process is finished.

Ensure adequate storage space is available

Any major OS update usually requires free storage space, so that the files required for the update can be downloaded before installing it on the phone. As for the iOS 16 update, you will likely need at least 5 GB of space to download without problems. So, if you're using an iPhone with little storage space and are running out of free space, it's time to free up some space by deleting unwanted photos and videos.

For apps, you can take advantage of the "Empty apps" feature to remove any app you don't need right now without deleting your data on it, so that when you download it later, the app will work as if you didn't delete it. You should also pay attention to the system "recommendations" displayed on the "iPhone Storage" page in Settings, as there are some effective suggestions to save as much space as possible.

Make sure your apps are updated to the latest version.

If you remember, Apple started releasing the first beta version of iOS 16 last June, giving app developers enough time to make the necessary adjustments to their apps to keep pace with the improvements that the new version brings to the iPhone. This means that app developers are working hard to get their apps ready for iOS 16 before it officially reaches all iPhone owners around the world.

So don't forget to check for new updates for the apps you use so you can enjoy all the new iOS 16 features like widgets on the lock screen, Live Activities, PassKeys, and more. It is also a precaution to avoid facing any problems after the update. All you have to do is open the App Store, tap on your profile picture, and then drag the screen down to view any available app updates.

Make sure the battery ifully charged.ed

Quite simply, you don't want your phone to stop as soon as the update starts or to get pissed off with a "low battery" message when trying to start downloading the update as soon as it's released today. So before pressing the "Download and Install" button to update to iOS 16, make sure that your iPhone is 100% charged, and it is preferable that you make the phone connected to the charger during the update process, if possible. Here, it is worth noting that downloading major iOS updates can take an hour or two, so don't update if you're in a hurry!

Wait for the update to arrive in your country.

If you're really excited and can't wait to get iOS 16, it's good to know when your wait is over! This means staying informed and knowing exactly when the update will be released in your country. And let me tell you that usually any official Apple event, including the release of an iOS update, is at 10 AM PT. Therefore, expect that the notification of the update to iOS 16 will arrive today at exactly seven o’clock in the evening Cairo time, eight o’clock in the evening Saudi time, nine in the evening UAE time, six in the evening Morocco time, as well as six in the evening Algeria time.

Simply put, you now have your iPhone set up. It's time to sit back, have some patience, and wait for Apple to greenlight iOS 16 for rollout to the world. By the way, we will have several separate articles in which we highlight the most important features of iOS 16 to make the most of the new system.