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The best phone applications that help you adjust the shower dish

The best phone applications that help you adjust the shower dish

These days, if you are thinking of doing anything whatsoever, always consider using your mobile phone to help you with it. Go to the App Store and search for keywords related to what you want to do, and if setting the dish shower is one of the things you want to do, Just type "satellite" in the search box and you will find a lot of apps that help you with that, but why do we need these apps? In the past, we used to hire technicians to do this, but with the development of technology, it has become much easier. If you are having trouble adjusting the shower because it keeps moving from its place, here are some of the most important applications that help you with that.

The Satellite Director App

We start with this distinguished application, Satellite Director, which is considered one of the best and easiest applications for adjusting the dish shower. The application also provides you with some important features. In the beginning, and in order to be able to use this application, as well as other shower tuning applications, your phone must have a compass. There are also some other factors that improve the accuracy of the application, the most important of which is to stay away from metallic or magnetic objects and even the shower tray while adjusting it so as not to affect the phone's compass.

Using this application is very easy. All you have to do after installing and running the application is to activate the location services or GPS on your phone and then choose the satellite whose signal you want to capture. For example, this could be Nilesat 201 in Egypt or Arabsat for many Arab countries. Then point your phone towards the top and move the phone right and left until the colored ball is inside the hollow ball, so you get the correct orientation and adjustment of the shower tray. (download the app)

SatFinder app

The next application for adjusting the shower dish is SatFinder, which is a very effective application that helps you adjust the shower accurately by knowing all the characteristics such as the height, angle, and direction of the LNB in particular. In order to get accurate results through this application, be sure to be in an open place in order to get a good network signal so that the application can determine your location well, and this application works through the compass as well, so it is preferable to calibrate it on your phone first if you have not done so before .

After downloading the application, you will need to give it some necessary permissions in order for it to function properly, and these permissions are location, storage, and camera. After the application accesses your location, click on the "map" sign at the top, and this will open a Google map for you. There are signs for adjusting the shower tray. These signs are a red line and a green triangle. You can move your phone so that the line and the triangle are in the same direction, and you can adjust the shower to that, but be sure to stay away from anything metal. Also, leave a distance of at least 30 cm between the phone and the dish so that the accuracy of the selection is not affected . (download the app)

The Satellite Pointer app

The third application, and we can consider it the best in the list, were it not for the fact that many of its features are paid, and the ads in it are somewhat annoying. This application allows you to access more than 200 satellites of the dish shower with the ability to search for and reach the desired satellite easily. Add satellites manually, save satellites to your favorites, and more.

We come to the most important part of the application, which is how to use it. You can simply download the application from the link below, and then grant it the necessary permissions, the most important of which, of course, is the location permission. In the main interface of the application, you will find three options at the bottom. Click on the "menu" and here you will find a lot of satellites. Search for the desired moon and you can add it to your favorites in order to easily access it later. When you click on the satellite, the application shows you the correct settings for it according to where you are, through three properties: namely, the angle of inclination in space, altitude, and polarity; but if you want to access the alignment of the dish like other applications, you will need to get the copy of Paid, which costs about 5.79 dollars, or 92 Egyptian pounds. (download the app)