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8 Amazing Stories of Animals Who Got Revenge on Humans

 8 Amazing Stories of Animals Who Got Revenge on Humans

Some people had big problems with these animals

As humans, sometimes we hold a grudge against someone who has wronged us. The same sometimes goes for animals. Are they treated unfairly? If so, sometimes it goes beyond a simple grudge. Here are stories of animals that took revenge on humans.

The tiger kills the poacher who had targeted him

Russian poacher Vladimir Markov once went after a Siberian tiger in 1997. These tigers should certainly not be underestimated. They can weigh more than 100 kilos and make jumps of three meters. Do you want to risk pissing them off? Vladimir would have done better not to.

When Vladimir saw a Siberian tiger – also known as the Amur tiger – he shot. He seriously injured the animal, but failed to kill it. The tiger escaped, but did not forget the poacher. The shrewd animal followed Vladimir to the hut where he was. At first, the tiger wreaked havoc. The animal destroyed everything in the house which smelled like a poacher. Then the tiger waited patiently. This story did not have a happy ending for Vladimir. When he entered the door, the tiger attacked him and he was killed by the animal.

Dogs Vandalize Car After Owner Abused Boyfriend

You sometimes hear people say: a dog is man's best friend. Certainly, but as long as the human does not attack their friends. A few years ago, in 2015, a Chinese man was walking towards his car. He saw that there was a stray dog ​​in his parking space and he was not happy. He could have simply chased the animal away, but the man did not. Instead, he kicked the dog and he left.

The dog did leave, but not because he felt defeated. No, he went to get other dogs. Along with his four-legged friends, the dogs then destroyed the man's car. When the man returned to his car the next day, he could see that his windshield wipers were bitten and there were dents on his car. He didn't at first know what had happened until a neighbor pointed out to him that it was the work of a group of dogs.

Leopard Attacks Park Ranger After He Pushed It With A Stick

This story from Kenya's Lake Nakuru National Park proves you shouldn't be fooling around hitting a leopard with a stick. A female leopard caused a stir because she attacked and ate the local livestock. The locals contacted the park rangers and they found the leopard. They managed to catch her, put her in a cage. When they wanted to let her out again, the animal refused on its own. The solution of one of the rangers? Push her with a stick, to force her out. Maybe it wasn't the best decision...

The ranger nudged the animal with a stick to get her out of the cage. The female leopard did not appreciate this at all. She got aggressive and bit the stick first. However, the goal had been achieved: she was out of the cage. Only, instead of running to her freedom, she jumped into the open window of the car. She managed to injure the Ranger with her claws and tried to bite his neck. Then, she tried to get into the truck, but the ranger managed to get the animal out the window by pushing her away with his feet. The ranger needed 21 stitches for his wounds, but luckily he can still tell his story.

The crows recognize the researchers who examined them and attack them

We know elephants have good memories, but did you know crows do the same?

According to one study, researchers applied identification bands to some crows. But the crows didn't like it at all. When the crows were released into their territory, and the researchers came to see them, the birds seemed to recognize them. And they seemed very resentful. They started screaming loudly and flying towards them to scare them away. To prove that crows can actually hold grudges, the researchers experimented with wearing special masks when applying the identification bands. Then after a while, the researchers returned to see the crows. For the experiment they wore the mask. The crows didn't seem to have forgotten the faces (even a year later!). And again, the birds made a lot of noise when they saw them.

A camel tears off its owner's head

Are you the owner of a camel? So you'd better take good care of your pet. A man in India unknowingly found out in a painful way in 2016. He was busy with guests he was entertaining at home and forgot his camel was still outside in the blazing sun. The animal remained tethered all day.

When the man wanted to untie the camel in the evening, the animal was incredibly angry. So furious that he grabbed his owner by the neck, picked him up and threw him to the ground. Then the camel chewed on the man's neck until it broke away from the body.

A tigress attacks three men after they intimidate her

In a zoo, it is easy to watch the tigers, but be careful not to annoy the animals. In a zoo in San Francisco, the three men Paul, Kulbir and Carlos laughed at a tigress. The animal managed to detach itself and attacked the men. First, she targeted Kulbir. Carlos tried to create a diversion, but then he became the target himself. The predator attacked Carlos and mortally wounded him.

The tigress, whom the zoo had called Tatiana, then followed the trail of blood left by Kulbir. With his friend Paul, he tried to escape the tiger. Unfortunately, in vain. She attacked Paul, and was then shot dead by the police.

At first, the two men denied teasing the tiger, but later admitted to having actually challenged her.

Elephants attack the village after villagers kill an elephant

Being harassed by elephants? It happened in villages in India in 2016. For 15 days, 16 elephants invaded several villages around the Champua forest. The elephants were part of two different herds, and during their attacks the animals managed to destroy 54 houses at night.

It turned out that the animals did not do this lightly. A few days before the attacks began, poachers had killed an elephant. They had poisoned the animal and taken its tusks after it fell dead. This resulted in the remaining elephants attacking the villages in revenge.

Tiger kills poacher who killed his mate and cub

In India, in Kerala, a male tiger went mad after a poacher killed his mate and cub. The poacher was part of a group of brewers who illegally produced alcohol in the forest. During one of their illegal brewing expeditions, the group came across the tigress and her cub. The poacher slaughtered the tigress and her cub, and the group of brewers then distributed the meat.

The brewers then returned to the forest in search of another tiger. They did find another tiger, but they couldn't kill it. Instead, the tiger attacked one of the poachers. The poacher appeared to survive at first, but succumbed to his injuries.

Moreover, he did not stop at this attack. The tiger followed the poachers for months and attacked them several times.