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A family bought a dog, but the vet called the police as soon as he saw it.

 A family bought a dog, but the vet called the police as soon as he saw it.

Why did the vet call the police?

Sue Yun is from China and lives in Yunnan. She and her family have been considering buying a dog for a long time. One day they went to the pet store to find one. A cute, fluffy puppy caught her eye and Sue knew right away it was the one she wanted.

A new family member

It was love at first sight when Sue and her family saw the puppy. They didn't have to think about it for long: this puppy was going home. Before returning home, the family asked the store manager what kind of dog it was. He replied confidently that it was a Tibetan Mastiff. Sue was over the moon, these dogs have grown into big, beautiful, fluffy dogs. She called him Little Cute Blackie.

Strange behavior

Once home, Sue realized that the behavior of the puppy was very particular, different from that of other dogs. The dog had a huge appetite. The puppy ate two buckets of pasta and a cardboard box full of fruit every day. The cute puppy was also barking in a weird way. It didn't sound like a normal 'waf', more like a scream. The store manager had already told them that Tibetan Mastiffs were a special breed, so Sue ignored it. Little Blackie was obviously having a great time with Sue and her loving family caring for him.

Want to know why Sue ended up going to the vet?

A big dog with sharp teeth

One day the dog started acting very weird. The whole family is shocked. How is it possible ? Cute little Blackie stood on two legs! And he wasn't really "little" anymore. When he was two years old, he was already one meter long and weighed more than 110 kilos. The Tibetan Mastiff is a large breed of dog, but this was an extreme case. The family also realized that Little Cute Blackie had huge teeth. Most notably, the canines looked nothing like dog teeth. The sharp teeth looked more like the jaws of an angry animal than canines. The family began to be afraid of the dog. As friendly and cute as he was, they worried he might attack and bite someone. If Little Cute Blackie were to bite someone, he would leave a big wound because of his big sharp teeth.

To the vet

Sue and her family decide to have Little Cute Blackie checked out by a vet. The veterinarian immediately calls the police and announces sad news to the family: this is the last time they will see their beloved animal. The vet started asking the family a lot of questions about Little Cute Blackie such as where it came from, what diet it was, what was its original size, how it behaved, etc. Shortly after, the police came to take him away. So what was the problem? Little Cute Blackie was not a dog. No, it was an Asiatic black bear.

Black bear

The Asiatic black bear is an endangered species. As bear bile can be used for medicinal purposes, it is often captured and killed by humans. In China, a law stipulates that the police must protect these endangered species. This is sad news for Sue's family, who now have to say goodbye to their furry friend. They were, however, happy to know why Little Cute Blackie was such a weird dog and was going somewhere safe.