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A stepmother did the most unforgivable and unthinkable thing

 A stepmother did the most unforgivable and unthinkable thing

Could you forgive him?

Some mothers-in-law get along very well with their future daughter-in-law or son-in-law. But what if things don't go so well? This is what happened to this woman, who saw her mother-in-law do an unthinkable thing. And the question is whether the marriage took place.

Tracey and Rick are incredibly happy, but there's a gray cloud over their love and the wedding day is coming soon. In fact, Gina, Rick's mother, does not have a good relationship with her future daughter-in-law. In fact, things are so bad, it seems like she wants to sabotage their special day. Which Tracy absolutely does not want. After all, she organized the wedding and wants everything to go well.

Tracey thinks a good relationship with family, especially with her mother-in-law, is very important. Still, it seems her stepmother doesn't have the same interests as her stepdaughter at heart, and isn't shy about cracking a few almost unimaginable jokes. All this will end in a family quarrel or in the annulment of the marriage, but here Gina has certainly gone too far.

A sunny wedding

Many couples choose the perfect location for their wedding at a local location. Rick and Tracey thought Colombia would be the perfect place for their wedding. Tracey was therefore quick to share the romantic destination on social media, to which she received different reactions. On the one hand, people were happy, but some wondered why they should go all the way to Colombia.

Gina isn't afraid to speak her mind, and voices her disapproval of the wedding taking place so far away. For example, she thinks it's pointless to go to a country where they don't speak English, and she thinks it's a pretty dangerous country. After all, according to her, many people are kidnapped and murdered in Colombia. On top of all that, Tracey couldn't stand the fact that she didn't have a positive word to say about the wedding, like the special dress she was getting married in.

What Tracey didn't yet know, however, was that great danger was brewing...

The perfect dress

Tracey searched for the perfect dress for a long time, until her heart decided to opt for a model by Galia Lahav. This store is very popular and several celebrities have had their wedding dresses made there. So Tracey's mission was to assume the wedding, in a dress costing around $11,000. A dress that Tracey was only too happy to have been able to find.

Naturally, Gina didn't approve of her future daughter-in-law wearing such an "expensive" dress. In fact, a few weeks before the wedding, the mood was so bad that she kept commenting on Tracey's figure. For example, she said that Tracey had gained weight and did not fit into her wedding dress. Something that Tracey found quite out of place, since she hadn't gained a single pound.

Insulting someone is one thing, but what Gina did next, no one expected.

Trying on the wedding dress

Tracey hoped to reconcile with her mother-in-law before the big day, and invited her for coffee. After a short walk, she found Gina alone in her room, dressed in her wedding dress. She couldn't believe her eyes, and Gina realized it. “It suits me perfectly,” she said, looking at Tracey in the mirror.

But once Gina took off the dress, the unthinkable happened. Namely, a stain appeared on the dress, and the floor gave way under Tracey. Not only is her precious wedding dress now ruined, but makeup had also stained the skirt. The icing on the cake, Gina left the room as if nothing had happened. Furious, Tracey kicked her stepmother out of the house and told her she was no longer welcome at the wedding. Rick found it very embarrassing that his mother didn't come to the wedding, but he agreed with his fiancée: you don't treat people like that.