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Horse hugs pregnant woman – Doctor sees ultrasound and calls the police

Horse hugs pregnant woman – Doctor sees ultrasound and calls the police

The horse may have saved this woman's life

Horses are similar to humans in many ways. But what many people don't know is that horses are also capable of sensing energies and emotions that we sometimes don't. A horse sensed something with its sixth sense that may have saved the life of a British woman. Here is the story of this bizarre story.

sad horse

A Brit named Jolene Jonas had a very bizarre experience with a horse. When she and her fiancé found out Jolene was pregnant, they were thrilled. However, when they went to see their horse, the horse was anything but happy.

Indeed, the horse seemed a little sad. Jolene and her husband decided to go to the doctor after this strange moment, just to be sure. When the doctor saw the ultrasound, he immediately called the police. The doctor had never experienced anything like this before and he was completely in shock.


Jolene and her husband were extremely happy when they found out they were expecting a child because they had been trying for months. But this joy was completely disturbed by their kind horse Keola as well as the reaction of their doctor. Keola behaved increasingly strangely during Jolene's pregnancy. The horse was constantly kissing Jolene and licking her belly. At first, Jolene and her husband didn't bother trying to understand their horse's reaction, but Keola was trying to tell his owners something.

It was not until the 25th week of pregnancy that Jolene and her husband went to the hospital because Jolene had severe back pain. The doctor told him to do an ultrasound. However, this ultrasound created the panic of his doctor.

Visit to the doctor

The doctor immediately reported the matter to the police. And Jolene? She regretted not having listened to her instincts. Because she felt that something was wrong for a while. Jolene and her husband Ricky have been together for a long time, but he has always been secretive about her past. Jolene never really asked him about his past because he didn't want to talk about it.

However, the ultrasound Jolene had in hospital at 25 weeks pregnant left her in doubt. She had already done some research on her own. After some Googling, she came across a site that told her that Keola's behavior could be an indication that there might be something wrong with her baby. All of this was confirmed even more by the expression of the doctor in the hospital during the ultrasound. The doctor immediately muttered something like "I have to call the police."


The police arrived and they wanted to ask Ricky and Jolene questions. Jolene didn't understand what was going on and Ricky started arguing with the police. He didn't think it was right for the police to ask his pregnant wife all kinds of questions. The police thought there was contempt and took him to the station. Once at the station, Ricky had the scare of his life. In fact, the police had locked him in a room with five criminals. It was up to Ricky to judge if he recognized any of them. And indeed, one of the criminals was his doctor!

The police tell Ricky that Jolene's doctors found an illegal medical chip in her body. This chip can control the drugs you need. However, it is not yet legal. Ricky's doctor apparently put him in Jolene's medicine under Ricky's name. Jolene had to be rushed to surgery. Fortunately, Jolene and the baby were fine after the operation. She hadn't given birth yet, and the chip had been removed. This was surely also the cause of his severe back pain. After all these events, Jolene was allowed to go home, where they were able to give their horse Keola a huge hug!

He had slightly forgotten the $7.5 million.

Dan Dotson is a well-known figure to all loyal Storage Wars viewers. In this TV show, the auctioneer sells storage units and he has a good flair for epic finds. The fact that Dan discovered $7.5 million in a storage unit, no one saw it coming…

Dan Dotson

Dan Dotson is also considered the king of auctions. For years, the auctioneer has enjoyed a well-established reputation thanks, among other things, to his participation in Storage Wars, in which he has been involved since day one. This seasoned seller was known for his ability to auction just about anything for a good price, from porcelain dolls to complete furniture sets. Dan has the auction in his blood.

When he was little, Dan always looked up to his grandfather with admiration. The auctioneer's grandfather used to work in agricultural auctions. Therefore, young Dan developed his passion for sales early on.

Laura Dotson

His wife, Laura Dotson, is a perfect match for the auctioneer. Laura and Dan met while Laura was looking for kitchen appliances and Dan was selling the contents of a restaurant. Sparks quickly flew between the two. Laura quickly fell in love with the auction and the couple turned out to be ideal partners. In the end, Laura proved to be a major driver of her husband's success. It was she who had the idea of ​​recording her sales antics and putting them online.


At a charity event, a woman approached Dan and told him that a friend of hers had bought him a storage unit for $500. However, according to the woman, the storage space was worth much more than the $500 paid. Dan quickly realized that he had overlooked something in the storage space...

An old safe

Dan shared what the woman told him on social media. Apparently a friend of the woman had purchased a storage box that still contained an old safe. Now Dan knew from experience that safes in storage rooms are often of little value because they are empty, but this one was anything but empty.

The new owners did everything possible to open the trunk, but it was not so easy. After making several attempts themselves, the first professional also failed to open the trunk. Finally, after the help of several professionals, the safe was opened.

A painful discovery for Dan

When the trunk was finally opened, they couldn't believe their eyes. Dan learns that there is $7.5 million in cash in the safe and realizes the mistake he made. The man had only paid $500 for a safe of $7.5 million. He didn't know what to say...

Lots of question marks

Dan and Laura are especially wondering how the money could have ended up in the safe. Dan: "I don't think anyone can forget that we have $7.5 million in a warehouse. The possible scenarios regarding the money quickly circulated. Maybe the owners had moved out or maybe the person in question was in jail, Laura says. Yet all the theories seemed to lean primarily toward illegal practices.

The former owner

The storage unit's former owner had learned that no less than $7.5 million had been found in his storage box. He naturally wanted the money back and wanted to negotiate with the new owner. One thing the new owner was not very keen on…


Negotiations between the two parties began and the previous owner made an offer of 600,000 for the 7.5 million. The new owner finds this a bit strange. How could there be so much money in the storage room, when the previous owner had not paid the rent for this space? In the end, the new owner decided not to accept the offer.

A new offer

Both parties felt they were entitled to the money, but the previous owner decided to make a new offer of $1.2 million. That meant the previous owner would receive a $6.3 million refund. As the issue was shared on social media, two camps formed. Some believed the silver should be returned to its rightful owner, while others felt it was purchased fairly.

What would Dan do?

When asked for his opinion, Dan tried to put himself in the situation. He replied that if he had found the $7.5 million he would have returned it and therefore accepted the offer. According to the auctioneer, the reason is that he would not be interested in further negotiations and the work involved.


In the end, the new owner of the money decided to accept the $1.2 million offer. The previous owners decided to add something extra to the deal because the man had taken care of the money for so long. The final amount was therefore slightly less than $1.5 million. A sum of which the man had never dared to dream...

Now, of course, the question remains: would you have taken the offer or fought for the $7.5 million?